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What is the principle of diffusion welding

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Diffusion welding is a welding method in which two workpieces to be welded are tightly pressed together and heated in a vacuum or protective atmosphere furnace, so that the micro plastic deformation of the two welding surfaces can be produced and close contact can be achieved. In the subsequent heating and insulation, the atoms diffuse each other to form a metallurgical connection. Generally, this kind of diffusion welding is called solid-phase diffusion. It is characterized by high surface quality, long welding time and unstable joint quality.
With the development of diffusion welding technology, transient liquid phase diffusion welding appears, which can reduce the quality requirements of surface preparation, reduce welding time and improve the stability of joint quality. It often adds a layer of intermediate material which is conducive to diffusion between the surfaces to be welded. The material melts during heating and holding, and forms a small amount of liquid phase. These liquid phase metals can fill the gap, and also make some elements in the liquid phase diffuse to the base metal, and finally form metallurgical connection.