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What stage has the medium frequency electric welding machine

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1. Using digital intermediate frequency welding controller, the welding quality can be effectively controlled.
2. The spatter in the welding process is greatly reduced, the welding quality is improved and the welding environment is purified.
3. It can be used with hanging welding machine and integrated welding tongs.
4. Powerful welding function, provide welding quality analysis data and monitoring
5. Integrated modular design, stable performance, high reliability and low failure rate of welding control system.
6. The electrode pressure is reduced and the electrode life is greatly improved.
7. Three phase balanced load and medium frequency welding technology are adopted, without additional capacitor compensation cabinet.
8. Digital intermediate frequency welding can save more than 30% energy and greatly reduce the energy cost.
9. Precise control of welding parameters (1ms) can perfectly weld multi-layer steel plate / variable thickness ratio steel plate / high strength steel plate / aluminum alloy.
10. The ultra small volume and weight of welding transformer meet the application of robot and integrated welding tongs.
11. HMI control, user-friendly operation programming software, convenient and fast.
System function introduction
embed CWX.PLC Platform function, customers can edit the ladder diagram of simple programs, greatly reducing the cost of special equipment. Supporting ex-pcv2. X operation software, supporting Modbus communication protocol (RS232 or RS485). Up to 64K solder joint data can be managed for analysis and printing.
HMI (delta / hitech) or pcv2.0 can be selected for operation. It can manage up to 255 systems.
Equipped with expert parameter function and operator training system, the patent system is easy to operate.
Wide voltage mode ac220-440v, maximum working frequency 8kHz.
Maximum current pulse by pulse detection, unidirectional magnetization protection, distributed and bus maximum current protection ensure long life of the controller.
SMD process, modular design, streamline appearance and water cooling of main parts are adopted.
Constant current / constant voltage / constant power welding mode can be selected for welding, with spot welding / series points, butt welding / T welding, seam welding 1t, seam welding 3T and other working modes.
Programmable extended output signal to solenoid valve, PLC or robot connection.
Horizontal pressure, step pressure and saddle pressure can be output,