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Dr-40k intelligent medium voltage energy storage projection

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1.1 scope of application
The nut is welded with hot formed steel plate, and can also be used for welding nut with galvanized steel plate.
The capacitor energy storage projection welding machine uses the energy stored by the capacitor to release the current instantaneously, and at the same time concentrate the large current to pass through the small area points to achieve the welding effect (the welding process is only completed in more than ten milliseconds, during which the secondary welding current of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of amperes passes). Therefore, the overheating and deformation of the workpiece caused by the heat generated during welding are minimized.
2、 Features and uses
The intelligent medium voltage capacitor energy storage welding machine uses the capacitor to store energy and release the current instantaneously. At the same time, the welding effect is achieved when the large current passes through a small area. Therefore, the overheating and deformation of the workpiece caused by the heat generated during welding are minimized.
In addition to ordinary ferrous metal steel, iron and stainless steel, energy storage welder is mainly used for welding non-ferrous metals, such as copper, silver, nickel and other alloy materials, as well as welding between dissimilar metals. It is widely used in industrial production and manufacturing. Such as: construction, automobile, hardware, furniture, household appliances, household kitchenware, metal utensils, motorcycle accessories, electroplating industry, toys, lighting, microelectronics, glasses and other industries. Long time use will not cause overheating, and will not affect the welding ability and welding performance; in addition, the maintenance and overhaul are also reduced to the minimum and the simplest.
1. High speed charging PLC real-time scanning digital voltage stabilizing circuit, high charging accuracy.
2. Fast logic circuit can ensure that the voltage of each discharge is preset before it can work,
3. This can ensure that when the welding frequency is high, there will be no discharge work without reaching the preset value, thus ensuring the stability of welding quality; the same energy can be used for welding every time.
4. The man-machine interface can directly input the energy storage voltage, which can be adjusted from 100 to 900 V, accurate to 1 V up and down;
5. Accurate PC control logic circuit, which can control the voltage stabilization error less than 1%
6. Double over-voltage protection circuit can ensure that the energy storage voltage does not exceed the preset safety standard to protect the capacitor; charging over-time protection function to prevent accidents
7. Manual discharge operation button is set on the interface to ensure safe discharge during maintenance;
8. Set welding parameters directly on the interface;
9. The interface indicates the input and output status of each component and carries out real-time monitoring;
Human machine interface of touch operation; dynamic display of charging state and voltage value
Intelligent medium voltage energy storage welding machine
model Maximum short circuit current KA Temporary load rate % Secondary voltage V Rated capacity KJ Electrode pressure KN Cooling water flow L/min
DR-10000J 110 50 10.5-14 10 12 10
DR-15000J 140 50 15-18 15 18 10
DR-20000J 160 50 17-21 20 18 15
DR-25000J 180 50 18-23 25 29 15
DR-30000J 200 50 18-23 30 29 20
DR-40000J 260 50 20-28 40 52 20

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