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Gma-100 polymer diffusion welding machine

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Features and uses
GMA series polymer diffusion welding machine is a set of advanced welding equipment. It is widely used and the output energy of welding transformer is large. Its superior performance is due to its adjustable welding frequency, which greatly reduces the energy loss of the transformer and greatly improves the value of the secondary circuit induction coefficient.
The output frequency of the inverter welder controller produced by our company can be adjusted to adapt to the transformers with different frequencies. Compared with the ordinary power frequency welder and intermediate frequency welder, its output is a complete sine wave, which makes the welder have the advantages of less spatter, balanced three-phase power consumption, and less pollution to the power grid.
1. It can store multiple welding specifications for users to call and 16 welding specifications for users to call
2. In order to solve the problem of using different processes in different positions of the same workpiece during continuous welding, the manual switching of welding specifications is avoided;
3. The preheating current, welding current and tempering current can be set, which can effectively solve the problems of splashing during welding and workpiece quenching after welding. The three discharge pulses can be set separately and used separately or in any combination;
4. The function of slow current rise and slow current drop can effectively avoid the problems of splashing and poor nugget formation, and obtain good physical properties;
5. Using common power frequency transformer, users can set their own output frequency (for example, domestic 50 Hz, foreign 60 Hz), to adapt to the current transformer, the production equipment changes little and save cost;
6. The counting function is used to count the welding times. With this function, the working efficiency can be easily understood;
7. With single / continuous spot welding function
8. Fault diagnosis and automatic protection function in the working process, if the controller detects abnormal conditions, it will automatically turn off the output and give a friendly prompt to the cause of the fault;
9. Using single chip microcomputer as the main control unit, the circuit is simple, highly integrated and intelligent, which reduces the failure rate of the product and is more convenient for maintenance;
model Maximum short circuit current KA Temporary load rate% Welding gas / cylinder specification Rated power KVA Pressure mode Cooling mode
GMA-100 30 50 160*100 100 Pneumatics 5PRefrigeration water tank
GMA-150 35 50 80*150 150 Pneumatic / hydraulic 7PRefrigeration water tank
GMA-200 42 50 100*200 200 hydraulic pressure Recommended cooling tower
GMA-250 50 50 150*200 250 hydraulic pressure Recommended cooling tower
GMA-300 58 50 150*200 300 hydraulic pressure Recommended cooling tower
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