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Md-60t desktop medium frequency inverter fixed spot welding

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1.1 scope of application
The spot welding machine is mainly used for projection welding of metal plates and spot welding between plates. It has high production efficiency and low energy consumption, and can work at least 2 shifts (16 hours) continuously every day.
MD series medium frequency inverter fixed point projection welding machine is a set of advanced welding equipment. The welding transformer has small volume and large output energy. Its superior performance is due to the fact that the frequency of the welding transformer is increased from 50 / 60Hz to 1000Hz, which greatly reduces the weight of the iron core material. In addition, the rectifier diode in the secondary circuit of the transformer converts the electric energy into DC power supply for welding. This can greatly improve the induction coefficient value of the secondary circuit, which is an important factor leading to energy loss, and can almost be ignored in the DC welding circuit, so as to minimize the production cost.
Energy saving: compared with the use of power frequency, it can reduce the consumption of electric energy. The transformer with the same weight can output more energy, which can be easily used with large automatic welding machine. It is more suitable for welding thick workpiece and high conductivity metal. Such as aluminum and all galvanized steel plates, etc. Generally speaking, the system with small volume and light weight can accelerate the movement and shorten the working cycle, which is the best matching scheme for welding robot / automatic machine.
In the semi-automatic device, a medium frequency welding transformer can replace many power frequency transformers to reduce the parallel connection of secondary circuits.
Improve power factor and reduce production cost.
The interference can be reduced in the secondary circuit with large opening area: the welding current is DC, and the welding will not be affected when there are inductive / magnetic materials in the secondary winding.
Make the load balance of power supply equipment: medium frequency inverter fixed point projection welding machine adopts three-phase power supply and can store energy.
It has stronger adaptability to the fluctuation and voltage drop of the power grid: part of the energy is stored by the inverter and then supplied to the load, instead of directly supplying power to the load from the power grid.
More accurate and fast current control: compared with power frequency system, it can analyze more and more accurate parameters.
Faster to set current: if can adjust welding current 20 times faster than traditional technology.
Process is more reliable: most of the application of resistance welding metal using DC welding effect will be better.

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