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Welding robot workstation for seat frame

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1.6 general description of production line
1. The whole line equipment is brand-new equipment. The robot adopts Yaskawa robot and welding system of Japan. All of them are professional manufacturers with excellent quality, advanced structure, reliable performance and high cost performance.
2 robot production line flexible operation, can realize a variety of products exchange production, equipment, tooling can stably ensure the welding quality and efficiency.
The selected equipment and tooling can stably ensure the welding quality and efficiency of various products and facilitate the replacement of fixtures. And call the corresponding program according to different workpieces.
It can be equipped with various servo welding guns and sensors
The movable weight is 2 times of the original model (3-6kg).
It can correspond to the welding engineering of servo welding gun and various sensors that must be carried in the mainframe.
Through high-speed action, reduce the beat
It can realize the high speed of axis synthesis speed of 80 ° / S (2070-2150 ° / s).
For the workpiece that needs long-distance movement of robot or the workpiece that needs to approach the welding point many times, it can significantly improve the productivity.
New structure improves ease of use
Streamlined arm (L, U axis) design reduces the dry area with fixture.
The hollow inner diameter of the upper arm (42-45mm) is enlarged to increase the number of built-in cables.
The inside / outside of welding torch cable can be selected to provide the most suitable pipeline package for workpiece or equipment.

2.2. TBI welding gun cleaner
The welding torch cleaner adopts TBI products from Germany, with functions of cleaning, wire cutting and fuel injection. The silicon oil spraying device adopts double nozzles to spray cross, so that the atomized silicon oil can reach the inner surface of the nozzle more easily, so as to ensure that the welding slag does not adhere to the nozzle.
The gun cleaning and silicone oil spraying devices are in the same position. The robot can complete the process of silicone oil spraying and gun cleaning with only one action. It takes only 6-7 seconds to complete all the actions, compared with 12 seconds for similar products, which greatly saves gun cleaning time.
The welding gun relies on the preloaded spring to achieve accurate positioning. When the collision occurs, the spring bends and the switch is started, and the robot stops immediately. Due to the submissive design of the collision separation mechanism,
There is no need to recheck the welding torch after collision.